Sunday, March 06, 2011

Out and about ...

 It was a beautiful Saturday morning and I headed off to the Farmers Market early to pick up some things for my boys. So many colorful displays and different musicians playing each week-it is always a great place to meet up with old friends and sample the fresh fruits and vegetables that grow in our area.

 I stopped at the Whole Foods Market for a few more things and had to check out the local Craft Market.
Several of my Santa Barbara Etsy group girls were selling so I  stopped to chat for a bit.

 This is "mint lane"-handmade goodness to make you smile. Loved her fabric choices...great totes and zippered purses and other fun stuff. To see more of her creations:

 And my friend, Cimmi with her great dolls, owls, bunnies, cats, mermaids and more was enjoying her customers and the live music being played nearby.

 Loved these tiny baby socks by Royanna Robertson of "Way Too Cute Baby Stuff"..only $12 a pair.

 She also made these knitted animals....

One of my friends was selling at the Antique Doll Show today and wanted me to come by so I stopped in and had fun looking at all the beautiful antique dolls that were for sale. There was a woman selling some Steiff animals and I could not resist picking up this cute owl for my collection.
Sunday we have another work day on our community garden. We got our fence up and now we are going to work on the raised beds if it doesn't rain. 


Marie said...

This was my favorite spot to go. I loved walking up and down the sidewalk and seeing the vendors. On occasion I would stay at the "Fess Parker" Hotel, (I know it is a different name now).
There was a spot on the far end of the beach just as you are driving down into the main area where the beach and city begin. The restaurant sits on the beach.
That was my favorite spot to eat. You have so many talented friends. Love the little steiff bear!

TamboinMO said...

It's been gloomy here. So nice to see the sunshiny day & all the beautiful crafts.

art spirit said...

Thanks Marie and Tammy for your visits! It's starting to rain here too, so glad I got out yesterday for some sunshine.

Orange Sink said...

I get a thrill just looking at the sunny booths at your markets there! OH MY! I'd give anything for even a gloomy day there! Those baby socks are adorable!
Keep taking pics and reminding us that sunny days can't be too far off!
Cathy G

grace said...

I love all the colors and creativity! So beautiful and inspiring! Oh and I want to see your Owl Collection!

Earl said...

So glad you got that owl!!! He is adorable!

Tammy Gilley said...

Looks like a fun outing, Mary!