Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Hello Kitty!

 Just started work on this funny cat doll. Lots of other projects going on as well including the "circle " scarves, bird pins, rabbits, owls and hopefully some fiber jewelry for Artfest.

 We had our meeting of the Creative Females at Pepa's art filled home on Monday night. Katie finished up her Octopus rug which will be a wall hanging in her home up in Cambria.

 A close up of the wonderful details....

 We had a guest rug hooker, Carolyn from Nipomo who is starting work on an owl. She brought her beautiful frame from that we all admired. Carolyn and Penny are checking out the seaweed on Katie's rug.

 Penny was at the "Circle" workshop a few weeks ago and has been having fun embellishing her scarf with stitches and buttons and beads. We all agreed that the circles can be's hard to stop making them and trying out new color combinations and designs.

 Fran put her circles to good use on this wonderful wool pillow. It has a matching partner at home.
Pepa treated us to a surprise birthday cake for the February girls (me and Syd) and coffee, tea and vegies to nibble on. So great to get together with all of these creative women!

 I went out for an early morning walk to check out the trees and boulders and of course the cats had to come too! It's cold and rainy today and time for some hot tea or cocoa and then hopefully I can get some work done.
My boys named this big boulder "Birthday Cake Rock" and used to climb up on top when they were little. Now it's just the cats and me in the forest....


Christine K. said...

I like your blog. Thanks for showing these grate works.

Chistine (from Switzerland)

art spirit said...

Thanks for your visit, Christine.

Sandie's Patch said...

Lovely work, though I had to giggle when you said, "Another Hooker..."LOL!
Sandie xx

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Lovely work!

dulcy said...

Marvelous post! The circle work is just gorgeous, and I always love your hooked kitties, owls, and other wonderful works of art.....

Marie said...

I could imagine sitting on that "birthday cake" rock,
and just thinking. What a great spot!
That octopus rug is amazing! Love your
cat doll!
Like I say: you have the best group of artist friends,
all of you must have great fun together.
: )