Friday, May 25, 2012

Big Owl

This is the new owl that I started hooking the other night. He is going to be pretty big-13" tall. Will try and get a little more work done tonight.

Couldn't's Henry with his little mouse toy taking a nap.

I found this nice book at the thrift store and thought it might help me to get knitting again. It's been years since I did any knitting but I still have my needles and lots of yarn from my weaving days. We leave tomorrow for our camping trip to the Sierras and I thought i might get some knitting done while Dennis fishes. Either that or enjoy reading under the pines with my toes in the stream!

And here is a partial shot of  the path I made to my art studio. Pretty funky but it was fun to do.
I think it must have been about 10 years ago when I started on each square. That took a while and then when I had enough for a path I put them all together and cemented them in - poking little bits of tile and marbles in between the circles and squares.
Hope you all have a peaceful Memorial Day weekend and get some stitching in!


Yael said...

Awesome mosaic path Mary! Is there something you can't do??? :-)
Enjoy your vacation!

Pixie said...

Incredible mosaic Mary, and the owl is going to be amazing too....i always love my little trips to your blog land.
Pixie x

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Mary its been fun catching up on your posts! Beautiful cat, wonderful studio and great sons!!

Marie said...

Hi Mary,

LOVE the pathway to your studio!
I think taking along the knitting is a great idea.
I try to carry something with me each day so I move
it further along even if it is just reading a little something.
Have big fun on your trip! : )
xo <3

liniecat said...

Great mosaic!

Jacky said...

Your mosaic path is colourful and exciting. What a sense of achievement that must have been. I have done a bit of mosaicing and can see you have spent a lot of time on the squares. We recently lost an amazing mosaic artist from our local area, Maery Gabriel (I love that spelling of Mary). She did some amazing installations, you should google her and see some of her work.

I love your kantha Mothers Day quilt too. What beautiful soft fabrics and the little patches...sweet!

And, of course love that big owl.

Jacky xox

art spirit said...

Thanks, everyone for your nice comments!

Robin Olsen said...

What great incentive to get out to your studio--just to walk on that fabulous mosaic!

Dot said...

You are so talented Mary! I love your mosaic path and your new owl looks stunning. Smiling at the photograph of Henry with his toy(how sweet).
Dot x