Saturday, June 02, 2012

A visit to the Sierras

Last weekend we enjoyed the beautiful mountains and countryside of the Eastern Sierras in Northern California. Our first night we spent at Benton Hot Springs with a view of the snow capped mountains.

In the morning we explored a sweet old cemetery from the 1800's. 

There are also ruins of old miners shacks, leftover implements and wonderful old wood.

An old barbed wire heart....

After we cooked breakfast we headed on up to the Lundy Lake area so Dennis could fish.

I brought my trusty craft bag and attempted some didn't go well so I moved on to some little sewing projects instead and just soaked in the trees, birds and rushing stream water.

Dennis had one of his best fishing days ever. He always does "catch and release" so no fish were harmed,
Nice to see him relax without all the store duties that he deals with every day.

In the evening we cooked our dinner over a campfire and had 3 deer visitors. This one kept coming up closer and closer and stayed around for most of the evening. Fun to have these deer for company as we ate our dinner and toasted marshmallows for our s'mores. 
A busy week followed with more award ceremonies, election meetings and now I am off to work at the store.
Have a great weekend!


Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Its so pretty up there. My husband was born in Sutter Creek, and after we were married we lived in his grandpas house for awhile, what a time it was. He used to fish for our supper and he misses it too. Looks like your husband is a good fisherman. Its real unusual for a deer to hang around like that.
What a great getaway!

art spirit said...

Thanks, Julie, for your story! wish we could see the grandpa's house-bet it was really neat!

Lorie McCown said...

Oh I love the Sierras, I spent every summer of my youth at Lake Tahoe. Sounds like you had a perfect day.

Pixie said...

Wow, what a beautiful facinating place, and how magical to have a deer come so close to you......beautiful photos.
Pixie x

Marie said...

Beautiful area you were in!
What fun to find miner treasures left behind...amazing to me.
Deer represents:

-Gentleness in word, thought and touch
-Ability to listen
-Grace and appreciation for the beauty of balance
-Understanding of what's necessary for survival
-Power of gratitude and giving
-Ability to sacrifice for the higher good
-Connection to the woodland goddess
-Alternative paths to a goal
nice medicine/energy : )

Claire said...

Hey Mary, what a wonderful getaway.....amazing photos, like walking onto a movie set....

Love the deer pic and how interesting that it hung around for so long......

I do like a spot of fishing myself.....well done Dennis.

Nice to have a bit of R & R before a busy week,

Claire :}

art spirit said...

Thank you so much for your kind comments! Especially love what Marie posted on the meaning of the deer visit. It really felt like a special visit...she stayed so long and was so close to us!
It really is great to be out in nature among the wild things and glad so many of you have shared that experience as well.

Hazel Terry said...

Amazingly beautiful collection of experiences/ memories the deer is wonderful X