Saturday, June 09, 2012

Another graduation

Justin graduated this week from San Marcos High School and we are so happy with his achievements. He will be off to UCSB in the fall in electrical engineering with several scholarships. He is already planning on getting a summer job which will help too as they keep raising tuition every year.

Here he is on the left with some of his friends.

And guess who was an election inspector? Yes, that would be me! I spent Tuesday at our Fire Station here in the mountains helping people vote in the primary election. It was nice to see all the neighbors who stopped by, but a long day- 6am to 8pm and it got cold and windy in the big open station.

Borrowed this from Colleen because soon we will be heading off to France for an Art Workshop with Julie Arkell. First some time in Paris then down near Bordeaux for a 5 day workshop at "Les Soeurs Anglaises". Syd, Colleen, Susan and myself (all girls in our 60's) decided it's now or never, so off we go on another art adventure.

We all decided to create an art journal to take with us and record our trip so we met this week to work on some pages.

Part of the fun is anticipating our adventure..,,,

I did manage to get some work done....finished up these two little owls with pouches and got a pile of wool sweaters deconstructed. 

Once again we are off to celebrate the boys with a trip up to Calistoga for a few days. Back home on Wednesday, but right now I am off to work at the store!
Have a lovely weekend...see you soon!


Claire said...

Firstly congratulations to Justin on his graduation and scoring some scholarships.......he must be one clever cookie Mary.......
You look like a proud mama in the pic and every right to be as well..... exciting to be doing a workshop with Julie Arkell..........I am ..... no, I'm not jealous, may be a touch envious I think. Oh my, it's going to be such alot of fun and to be sharing it with friends will double the enjoyment. Have the best time......

Now there is an Aussie blogger I follow Denise Litchfield of grrl and dog, she's going as well, so it will be double interesting to read your blog posts about the workshop.

Love those new owls too.......

Enjoy the rest of the weekend,

Claire :}

Jacky said...

Oh lucky, lucky you..... doing a workshop with Julie France!!!! Very exciting for you all.

Yes... you will meet Denise (Aussie) as she is heading over too, another who loves Julie Arkell's work...maybe she can bring her home with her!

Congratulations on your sons graduation and have fun on your art adventure. Love your journal (dont forget to put some pockets in for those receipts, business cards etc.)

Jacky xox

Pixie said...

ENVIOUS.......i wish i could come along to be at the Julie Arkell workshop with you all,,,,,how fantastic, i don't suppose you could do me a favour mary and ask her if she would do a 'making a scene workshop somewhere in the south East of England, they always seem to be in Liverpool which is hundreds of miles from where i live, or, does she have some kind of contact details or an email address or ANYTHING,...have an amazing time (i know you will), and i look forward to seeing what you make.
Pixie xx

sacredcrocheter said...

Oh my, I wonder if I'll ever write those words.."off to France for a workshop with Julie Arkell"! I've learned to never say never though. I'm happy for you because I love your style and this is the kind of experience that can inspire someone to a whole new level. Bon Voyage! your Pinterest fan-Barbara Worn (sacredcrocheter)

Yael said...

Congratulation Mary!
Your boys are a really treasure and great pleasure! There is nothing better in the world than love in the family! :-)
Here is a hug to you!