Friday, June 15, 2012

Ethnic Arts in Berkeley

Thought you might enjoy seeing these interesting quilts that were on display at the Ethnic Arts store in Berkeley, CA. It's fun to see the different fabric and techniques used from different parts of the world. I see mostly applique and some patchwork. These are pre-cultural revolution marriage quilts for the bride's dowry. All are for sale...I just enjoyed looking!

A few more sights around this colorful store with lovely saleswomen.
We came to pick up our David Marsh table top for our nook and had fun seeing all the other wonderful things inside.

Beautiful handwoven cloth from Africa....

brightly colored bird cage...

D. Marsh chairs...I have one for my sewing chair and I love it.

More David Marsh furniture...trying not to "want"....

One last close up of one of the quilts..
Nice to be home again, even though we are having foggy weather.
Trying to figure out what to take on our trip to Paris...leaving in less than 2 weeks!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mary,

I am so excited to meet another Julie Arkell fan, and very happy you contacted me.

I fly out tomorrow, so I'll be seeing you very soon. ..NOw if only I can shut my suitcase!

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Fabulous quilts, and the first time I've seen one of these types.
I'm going to Berkeley at the end of summer and I can't wait!
Great furniture~

Marie said...

Oh my...I just love David Marsh furniture!
What a fun shop. Have a great trip : )