Friday, June 30, 2006

ArtfiberFest and beyond.....

This is sort of a little travel log...a rambling journal of my ArtfiberFest adventure...
Syd and I leave early Monday, drive all day, pass mystical, majestic, Mt. Shasta and make it to Ashland....window shop...find fiber store..looks good. Morning Glory for breakfast..yummy! Then to town for a look around...bought roving to felt with and irresistable yarn from Japan...great store.."The Websters"..

On we go, forests, farms, lots of green and flowing rivers...books on tape, sharing family stories..short stop in Portland at "Ella Posie"..cute little shop with fun things..
finally arrive in Seattle just in time for a "Snappy dragon" dinner at 9:15pm..we made it!

Wednesday. Cloud City Cafe for mocha and quiche and then to "Maxine's"..a wonderland of a store with flowers, real birds chirping, cards and more...

time to head to Issaquah! We take the long way through Renton but arrive...greeted by the lovely smiles of Gail C. and friends...entering, fabric art pieces are being shared. Check in with Teesha and Tracy and Keith, our incredible and accessible hosts.
Ooh..a new tote bag and goodies to explore...find my room..feel like a college girl..happily enveloped between Pam G. and Patti E. and showers close by.
Meet e-friend and expert blogger, Lelainia and friends, Janice and Deb from Canada.
And there's Pam Garrison, our ever smiling, exhuberant, fun and funny companion.
She has helped me to get here to teach. she doesn't remember telling me last summer at Teehsa's Art journal class at the ArtBar, that teaching at AFF "was empowering!"
Teesha told me, "you should teach!" here I am...for me this is a dream come be teaching what I be with others who love to learn and share and take we all are together...I couldn't have asked for better students...

Smiling faces, supportive you to all for making this such a great class: Patti E., Edina, Sheryl, Elise, Annie, Patty, Beth, Robin, Tracie, Suanne, Marcia and Ty, Lelainia, and Susan--all made such wonderful and creative hooked pieces.

Painting with Fiber ...and off we go: another great group of smiling faces...Gail, Kimi, Darlene, Edina, Carol, Chris, Marilyn, Valerie, Deb, Lori, Paula, Sheryl, Tiphoni, and friend Susan B. ...
a short demo. and off they go creating the most amazing little works of fiber art. I love all the different designs and colors that they come up with. Some even managed to get to part two- the 3" square- more amazing little artworks. Laughter, stories, music and lots of sewing-loved every minute. Got photos of most but not all...happy faces!

On to Vendor Night!...set up, a quick shower and back to my table at 7pm to be greeted by folks actually waiting to hand me $$.I have done art shows for over 20 years and this was my best show ever! Thank you so much to all who took home a pin, bird, gnome, necklace, heart, doll or embroidery. It was so fun to sell to fellow fiber artists. A special thanks to Kimi and Cindy P. who bought my 2 "big" pieces.
I got to shop and trade a little with Traci, Denise, Darlene and Tiphoni-I love my handmade treasures! Whew! a little ice cream to celebrate and bed.

Next day a lovely small class with generous Jana Newton who helped us to create a "Day Book Duvet" with great fabrics and vintage laces...a nice way to end the week.
Show and tell was a visual delight- so many wonderful creations, paper, fabric, books, dolls, tassels, houses, banners, and Marcia's completed hooked Bird! (Did you know that she raised triplets!) Fun having her and Ty in my class..what a cool and creative couple!

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