Friday, June 02, 2006

Spiral girl...

i must be a spiral girl...I love using them in my art. The spiral of life..I love how it shows up in nature...the swirling galaxies...whirlpools of is a fun thing to draw and paint. This piece is the back of my hooked journal cover, which I seldom use but enjoy looking at.
To get back to the felted beads...I found the glue bath technique in a book I have called "Feltmaking" by Chad Alice Hagen. She has good directions for bead making and in her directions for the spiraling bracelet she says,
" Make a mixture of equal parts of white craft glue and warm water. Place all the felt beads in the mixture and squeeze them several times, making sure they are saturated. Squeeze out most of the excess liquid. Roll the spiral beads back into their oval shapes. Let dry. The glue mixture hardens the beads and prevents them from getting too fuzzy."
Of course, I should have done the needle felting first...I don't think it will work once they've had the glue bath...oh well, I usually do things backwards anyway.
When making into jewelry, just poke an embroidery needle through the bead and then goes through pretty easily.

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Tatterededge said...

I have a "thing" for nautalis shells. It has special meaning for me.

Spirals are the golden number in nature. There is a mathmatical sequence found in all of nature-in plnats especially. While I stink at math, I do know about this and it's fascinating.

Maybe that is why you are drawn to them?