Friday, June 16, 2006

a few more things....

I finished up a few more things that I made for ArtFiberFest. And the crown on Penny's head in the following photos was a fun group project put together by Cindy Oberholtzer. We each made a section, embellishing however we wanted and she put it all together. Birthday girls get to wear it at their party. At our gatherings we usually have a group project where one person will teach us something new or we have a challenge to bring to the mext meeting. Our newest project will be to make something out of tin using ideas from Linda and Opie's Metal Craft Workshop book.
Early Monday morning I will be driving up to Issaquah, WA. with Syd McCutcheon for may not be posting for about a week or so... Syd will be selling her wonderful creations at Vendor night...She is the one on the right in the following photo...she taught at Artfest in April..

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edina said...

Love the things you made for AFF. Drive safely and see you soon!!