Sunday, June 04, 2006

Peruvian baskets...

Every Saturday I drive along the ocean for about 45 minutes to my husband's hardware and plumbing store where I work at the register. In the back of the warehouse are several small businesses that share the same parking lot with us. One of these was a wholesale importer of Peruvian baskets and ceramics. They would have a sale about every 6 months and I would always go and look and buy something. So, yesterday as I drive up they have their sale sign up and everything must go! I think the Fiber Goddess was smiling on me as I gathered several armloads of "stuff".. thinking "birthday presents" for all my friends! I am sorry to see them go (bankrupt) but grateful for all the goodies. There are actually more things in my art studio, like the 3 reverse painted mirrors with little flowers on them and woven vases. The owners said if I didn't take the stuff it would end up in the dumpster!Couldn't let that happen! So anyway that was a fun surprise.

New fiber art project started today....a velvety purse with bird patches...hope it turns out the way I imagine...will see..and if it looks any good, I will post a photo.

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