Friday, July 13, 2007

Fun at Kate's

Embroidery on the front of a small silk purse..
Indigo fabric from the Hill Tribes of Viet Nam and a cross stitched piece from clothing worn every day...

Small China dishes a little over 1" from the market place....if I had grand daughters, we'd have a tea party!

Before going to the ATC meeting I had a fun visit at my friend Kate's house overlooking the ocean and Channel Islands. She and her husband just returned from a 2 1/2 month trip to Australia, Fiji, Viet Nam, and Thailand, where her daughter has been teaching Yoga for a year.

Kate is a wonderful photographer and she shared a very cool slide show of their travels. I felt like I had been right there with her to all these neat places. She and her husband, Greg love to surf and they found some beautiful spots for surfing and shell collecting.
Luckily, Kate also loves fabrics ( and other cool art things) and she brought me back some wonderful treasures!

More exciting news: just got a message that Somerset Sew will have one of my fiber ATC's in a group "house" piece put together by Tracie Huskamp in their first issue in October...I had to go back and look in the photo archives to see what it was! I think it was my door with Sharon's windows.


Runner Gurl said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! That embroidered bird makes my heart twitter!

I think you mean WHEN you have grand daughters....
; )


Mary lin said...

These are Beautiful!!!