Monday, July 23, 2007

Gift show...

Made a quick trip to Los Angeles for the LA Gift show. Looking for new items to sell in our store and some things to take to AFF. Ran into my friends, Penny and Mary down in Kentia Hall where lots of cool handmade things from all over the world are located. Got myself a few presents that I couldn't resist...will post photos tomorrow. Years ago I was a buyer for a gift store-craft gallery and we would take days to see everything and make lots of orders-especially for the holiday season. Fun to see some of the same companies that I used to order from still there. I bought a harp music CD from the artist(Peter Sterling) who was playing for us as we entered the large hall.....thought it might make good background music for art classes coming up at A&S and was nice soothing music for my drive back home to Santa Barbara.

Got my Tote sent off today to Texas. It is due July 31, but we will be on a little vacation to our favorite spot in Calistoga from July 29 to Aug. 2, so wanted to get it on its way. I made her a pincushion and cell phone or ipod holder to go with it. this was #2 Tote...the first one had too many flaws to send off.....need to send off a photo to Lelainia....I think that art-ezine will post our fun to see what everyone came up with.

here are some of my dolls in a basket...

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Runner Gurl said...

Such a happy basket of dolls! My favorite is the one in front... with the black and white "tights".
: )