Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Today we have our monthly ATC meeting at the Good Cup Cafe.I was up until past midnight working on these ATC's. I first stamped the hand carved eraser stamp with black acrylic paint on the red background and them doodled and colored it with oil pastels. This morning I stitched it to a cardboard backing...actually easier for me than gluing. I am sure there will be lots of Valentine themed cards to trade. We also made a special card for Syd's daughter, Jill who is expecting her first child, a girl. These will be put into a special ATC book for her.
And Attention: Sari Mills...please contact me about the blog giveaway...if I don't hear from you by Feb. 14 I will do a new drawing for the Black Cat.


Dale said...

Awesome ATC's here! I especially like the second one in the second row :). The colours really pop for me! Fantastic. Did you end up trading all of them? If not, i'd love to do a mail trade with you.

art spirit said... to trade with you! I will save that one for you...send me your address and it's on the way.

Tara Ross Studios said...

Love these they make such a nice group.
You are so talented!

Sara said...

The colors of these hearts are wonderful! you are a master of color!

Cindibee said...

Oh, what gorgeous ATCs! I shall have to get back into ATCs so I can trade with you in the future!