Thursday, February 21, 2008

two inch squares...

These two 2" squares are being sent off to Monica at
for a special project to help raise funds for Susan G. Komen breast cancer organization. The little squares will be sewn onto a stuffed doll and auctioned off later. My sister-in-law is dealing with this type of cancer and I have good friends who have dealt with this as well. Thought this was a small but "do-able" way to show support. Squares due: March 1...still time to make a little square and send it off!

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Cindibee said...

Very charming little squares! And a great way to show support for a very important foundation!

There's a luncheon held every year in my town called Surviving and Thriving and they have a different cancer survivor speak each year. I try to go when I can or at least donate. At the last one I attended, the guest was a remarkable woman. She was a doctor living in the middle of the Arctic doing research, and found, diagnosed, and operated on her own breast cancer because the weather kept her from getting to civilization. Her name is Dr. Jerri Nielsen and she wrote a book about it called Ice Bound.

Keep up the good (and important) work!