Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Global Art for Peace Project

I will be volunteering at Art From Scrap this weekend to get the Global Art for Peace project started. Haven't quite worked out the design yet, but should be lots of fun to get the kids and parents involved in a collaborative piece that we will send off to another country. In April groups and individuals all over the world exchange their art pieces through the mail with their "art partner" and it is yours to display and keep.
Photos of past Global art pieces that we've made in the schools. The first photo is from 4 years ago when my son was in 4th grade...we rug hooked this fun PEACE rug and sent it off to Canada.
The others are from 2 years ago...we made wall collages, fiber art...woven pieces....a book with individual pages with quotes and collage....more fiber art....usually I come up with a basic design or background and the kids take off from there.They always amaze me with their talent and enthusiasm.

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Tara Ross Studios said...

looks wonderful!