Sunday, February 03, 2008

Giveaway Winners!

The Blog giveaway winners are:

Hooked heart: oddbird studios

Black cat: sari mills

Heart pin: tamboinmo

If you will please send me your addresses ( to my email at: I will send out your goodies this week.
Thanks to all who wrote in. I enjoyed your comments so much...this was fun for me....I think I'll do it again in about 6 months on my Blog anniversary.


The Oddbird Studio said...

Oh boy... I won.... I've already emailed you my address.... I love my heart... It may be the only Valentine that I get this year.... Hugs coming your way...
Thank you, thank you...
jaYne @ The Oddbird Studio

TamboinMO said...

oh Mary YAY! I just know that heart pin will hold all kinds of good creative karma :)
Looks like you had afantabulous birthday!!!