Sunday, February 17, 2008

Creative Females hook-in

Fran's colorful "hit or miss" circles rug...
Carol's '"Liberty" rug..almost finished..
Maren's lovely hooked rug with a braided trim border.
Annie's replica of an antique Shaker rug she will give to the Shaker community when completed.
This is Jean's house pillow called "Home is where the art is".

Today we had a great time at Maren's lovely home hooking and talking and planning our next projects. Maren made us a delicious almond raspberry coffee cake, cookies and fresh lemonade.
I am going to give it a "go" as the new secretary and hope to set up a Yahoo group for us so we can keep track of meetings, field trips and share our photos. Posted photos of some of the works in progress today. I spent most of my times taking notes and then finishing up a small hooked owl.
Yesterday Barbara and I taught a felting class at the Art Clinic. Everyone made colorful and unique nuno felted scarves and cool beads and flowers. I was so busy felting and teaching that I forgot to take pictures, but Syd had her camera she will probably post them on her blog.


kirsty said...

They are all so beautiful! I'm seriously LOVING Fran's circles!

Guzzisue said...

I don't get time to hook at the moment which is a shame as I get withdrawal symptoms everytime I see wonderful examples like these.