Sunday, April 13, 2008

Back to Earth again...

Made this little Fiber ATC for April for our group last night...used the delightful kimono silk from Suzanne Lucy this time. My first "after-Artfest" project.
Today I drew up this pattern to rug hook. It is 14" square and is for our rug hooking group's challenge for May. We decided on the theme "Flora" I put in lots of flowers and a tiny house.
Will try and show you as I go along how I hook....
And this is just the best year ever for our Jasmine and honeysuckle! This is growing on our front railing and almost overpowers you with its fragrance.
It is hot here today! So I got #2 son and husband to take a beach walk to cool off! Folks were swimming in the 57 degree water! Just one of those very beautiful days.....
I love to be greeted by these flowers on the road up to our little community.
The winding road that goes down to the beach....once was a stagecoach road and before that a Chumash Indian trail. I've been driving up and down this winding road since my college days.
It's good to be home again....however...I'm pretty sure I left a part of my spirit up in Port Townsend....and in my dreams I am still there. When I wake up I have to remember where I am....and get centered on what I have to do....not "what class am I going to today?"
It's still not too early to be thinking of Artfiberfest....I will be teaching 3 classes and doing vendor night again, so I have things to do! Hope to see you all there!


TamboinMO said...

I can almost smell the jasmine!!!

Can't wait to follow along as you hook. Your drawing is delightful!

Anonymous said...

Great crafts! the sight of those flowers instantly lifted a smile in my lips, they're so lovely.

Lakewood florist

Dale said...

your ATC is so pretty!! I just love the fabrics you used. Which one is the kimono fabric... or are they all?? It is simply gorgeous. Contact me if you want to trade ATC's sometime :)