Friday, April 18, 2008

A group project...

Thought I'd show you what our Rug Hooking Group is working on. This is a surprise rug we are making for Jane Olson, one of our teachers and mentors. She taught many of us how to hook and dye wool especially for hooking and been an all around friend and inspiration. She learned how to hook from her mother at an early age and has been going strong ever since. Originally from the East Coast she now lives in California and still gives workshops and writes for Rug Hooking Magazine now and then.
She and her older sister, Norma (both in their 80's) gave many of us our first rug hooking lessons. Annie came up with this fun way to honor Jane. We each will do about 4 circles and outline them with black wool. Then we will all work on the mixed black background at our next hook-in.
I will show you the finished rug in May. It's fun to try and guess who did which circles. I did my 4 on Wed. night so I could take it to the Art Clinic on Thursday and pass it on to Penny. Now to get back to my other hooking project....if I don't get distracted on something else!

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Robin said...

How big will this rug be? Do you make these rugs as wall hangings or do people actually step on these incredible works of art?