Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sweet baby!

Had the sweetest day on Thursday! I got to hold Jill's new baby, Madison Marie....and what a sweet baby she is. She slept in my arms for the longest time....reluctantly I handed her over to Colleen for her turn. So wonderful to get to hold a new little being and I got to see her the day she was born, so it will be fun to watch her grow up. Susan Halme made the most beautiful cake and fruit tarts for the Welcoming Shower as well as fresh sandwiches from her Solvang Bakery. Next week we will celebrate Susan and Barbara's birthday at the Art Clinic and do a PMC class with Carol Kemp. Can't wait...I've only taken one PMC class and I'm ready to explore this medium once again with Syd and the art girls at the Clinic.

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Dale said...

Wow, those tarts do look wonderful! I could just eat them up :). Congrats to Jill on her new baby.