Friday, April 25, 2008

Flying Home...

I don't think I ever put this on my thought I'd do it now. I finished this back a few months ago, but it has a sort of "Spring" feel to it so here it is.
We had a fun day at the Art Clinic on Thursday. We celebrated Susan H. and Barbara's birthday with a PMC class taught by Carol Kemp. I wish I had taken photos of all the cool charms that everyone made, but I got distracted by some more baby holding time with Syd's granddaughter, Maddy...our sweet little art baby mascot. She slept in everyone's arms, not a peep, and seemed content with the happy voices of a dozen creative women in the background.
I made a little silver bird house charm with a bird on top and a heart charm and one more tiny bird bead. I need to do a little wire wrapping to get it to a "wearable " state...will show you soon!
Carol was a big help to us all and got everything fired and scrubbed and dipped in liver of sulfur for us before we had to depart. Lots of great salads for lunch and Barbara made 2 lemon Meringue pies for dessert....Yum! Another totally fun and creative day at the Art Clinic!

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Tara Ross Studios said...

this one is beautiful.
I can't wait to see your charms.