Sunday, April 27, 2008

The owl has landed!

Look what sweet Gail (Runner Gurl) Cowan sent me! She is the moderator for our Fiber ATC group as well as a mom, grandma, store manager, and fiber artist and runner. She sends a surprise out each month to one of us lucky ATC' ers. I think I hit the jackpot with this win!
I love this little wall quilt with a hand embroidered quote from Aristotle. Thanks, Gail!

And last night after working at the Plumbing store I needed something to work on while watching Harry Potter on I started this little teapot rug hooking. I think I will do the background in pink and purple and a hit or miss border.
And on Friday I visited Jeanette M. and got to see her 2 art rooms! One was filled with paper and other art supplies and the other was fiber related...yarns, fabrics, books. So fun to see how other artists arrange their supplies. We did a fiber "treat " exchange. She made me a crocheted "Donut" and I made her a wooly cupcake pincushion. On her first donut she sewed on the beads, and then moved on to using fabric glue for the "sprinkles"...I think they look great! Jeanette was the art teacher at my son's elementary school for 6 years and I always loved the projects she came up with for the kids. Now we see each other at our monthly ATC meetings and at our local Thrift store where we both shop on a regular basis. Right now she is crocheting wild sweaters for a local designer who had her work shown at Fashion Week in New York and got lots of orders to fill.

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Tara Ross Studios said...

such eye candy, thank you for sharing!