Sunday, June 27, 2010

Funny cat!

Henry the cat seemed to be in a funny mood today and luckily I had my camera with me. He got in the little child's chair in the garden and posed for me. Before that he rolled around on the old oak table under the trees. Hope he brings a smile to your face!

The little felt birdies are multiplying! I got more cut out and started working on them between customers at our store yesterday.
Friday I got in a visit to my friend, Sally and her new goat kids. She made us a delicious salad for lunch with her homemade goat cheese and I had fresh goat milk as well. So good. Sally, a friend for almost 40 years is a knitter, weaver and Waldorf teacher as well as the goat milker, cheese maker and mom to 2 beautiful kids. We walked around her farm admiring all the flowers in bloom and the old olive trees and oaks . She is only minutes from the beach so we got in a beach walk at Rincon cove. It seems like summer is the only time we get to visit so we are planning a beach day soon.
This giant oak tree is one of the largest and oldest living oaks in California and is located on Sally's farm. I always have to go visit this tree when I am is so amazing....the limbs are so massive- they are larger than most tree trunks! Age estimates range from 500 to 1000 years old.
Beautiful blooming Jacaranda's in the of my favorite colors~
Thursday found me at the Art Clinic in Solvang. Here, Colleen embroiders in the background with one of Sukey's new paintings in front.
Here is Sukey working on another of her wonderful paintings. Syd showed up later and we all got to visit and catch up on all our latest news. Hoping for a beach day on Tuesday with all the art girls.
If there are waves we will be boogie boarding!


Patty said...

Love the painting. And your cat is
a performing artist! Do you think the catmint is up yet?

BTW, is that a hole in the big tree?

Anonymous said...

Henry is a champion! Love his pretty face, and I bet he's naughty!!I love cats for their unpredictable ways and moods.
Love those birdies too. What a place to play around in with the group!!

Hazel Terry said...

Wonderful collection of pictures, sunshine makes cats so happy, my one is just the same, loves to roll in the sun.

jinxxxygirl said...

Cats are wonderful aren't they? Sometimes i think they were put here just to make us humans smile. :) He's a beauty too. I have a black cat named Jinx about 5 years old. Black until the sun hits him then he has alot of red in his fur.

I LOVE your designs. So simple, I think thats what makes them beautiful.

And that oak tree! Amazing! It hard to wrap your head around just how long some of these trees have been around. How lucky they are really and consequently how lucky we are to have them. It takes so little to destroy a tree.

Purple is my FAV color. I've never heard of that tree before though. What a lovely post thanks for brightening my day! Deb

Dot said...

Henry is so handsome and has posed beautifully for the camera! Love your flock of bird's too.
Mmmmm....the salad your friend Sally made sounds delicous. Handmade goat's cheese...yummm..
Dot xx

starseasons said...

What a great old tree. Love the painting too.

Marie said...

Wow, what a fantastic old tree!
I bet you could sit under it and
feel the "stories" it has to share
and what fun to visit with your friend and her little goats. (I have cared for sheep and llamas too.)
The purple flowers in the tree is of my fav colors too!
Love all the stitched birds.
You live in an amazing "artful" world. :) <3