Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Vintage quilt pin cushions

I made these little quilt pin cushions this morning instead of working on my art room clean up.
All the pieces are sewn by hand and I love looking at all the tiny stitches. I have had these quilt squares for over 20 years and realized that I am never going to put them together into a quilt and might as well use them for something!
I am wondering if I should put a vintage button in the middle or not...any ideas?
They are about 4" square.


HollyM said...

'm picturing tiny little pearl shaped buttons in the center, but I also think they're lovely as is.

Cindy Wills said...

They're perfect.

Jacky said...

These are gorgeous Mary...are you going to put any in your etsy shop??? Love the colours and the pinwheel is one of my all time favourite blocks.

Jacky xox

Tara Ross Studios said...

Beauuuuuutiful! No button needed!



LJ said...

Perfect as is! A button would obscure the perfect meeting of the little points.