Friday, August 19, 2011

A few new things...

The little mushroom house is finished up and I took it out into the front yard for a photo. Couldn't resist setting it near our driveway gnome.


A funny little painting that I am working on.

Got a little painting done on the owls today and that felt good. Need to get those wire legs done.

A fun read from my friend Penny. Makes me want to knit again. Rachael has a fun blog called 'Yarn a gogo'...

I hooked up another Milagro heart using some hand dyed wool for the background. I dyed several pieces of different weights and textures and chose the one I liked best. My plan is to make six hearts for upcoming shows and display them all in a row. Two down, four to go!

I left the wool in the dye pot overnight and it came out nice and richly colored.

Of course Henry had to come take  look to see what I was up to.

My wool drying on the honeysuckle vines. 
I think I am starting to get the hang of the Mac...yay!


draadjes said...

I like your work and your blog a lot! It is very inspiring.

Marie said...

Hi Mary,

Your Milagro hearts are a favorite of mine!
The hand dyed wool is like "candy" color!
Your painting is so cheerful. I have not painted
in a long time and really miss it. So little time and so much art to do!
: )

JENNY said...

Oh those colors! I adore the milagro heart!

Cynthia Eloise said...

perfect place for your little mushroom pic.