Wednesday, August 03, 2011

New kitty

Started hooking this kitty the other night and still sorting wool and fabric, a bigger job than I realized! 
Did get in a fun beach day with Syd, Maddie, and Joe yesterday and played in the garden today.


Yael said...

You know what I think about your kitties Mary! Sooo sweet! Mine sits in the living room and I smile each time I pass it! :-)

Marie said...

Adorable kitty face you are hooking.
We have adopted a new calico kitty. She is very
sweet and lovable. She has 6 paws! Her two front paws have two paws, so we call her "mittens" and "boots"
Sounds like you are having a nice Summer.
: )

Jacky said...

Cute little kitty....I know someone who'd love that!

Jacky xox

jude said...

love this