Friday, August 26, 2011

Weekend in Berkeley

Some photos of our trip up to No. California. First stop in Big Sur on Hwy 1 was at Nepenthe and the Phoenix gift shop. After a nice breakfast we stopped in the shop and I got permission to take a few photos.

Our favorite ice cream place in Berkeley is Icee. The line was incredibly long even at 2:30 in the afternoon..... but worth the long wait. I got one scoop of strawberry balsamic carmel swirl and it was sooo good! 

One of the happy customers ahead of us.

I only got a look at the charming window of Tale of the Yak as we headed out to dinner on College Ave.

Here's where my son is living this year. He has some nice redwood trees in the backyard, lots of housemates and a 2 block walk to Cal.

We were lucky to get seated outside at Bette's Oceanview Diner right away. Dennis and Jason enjoying brunch  while I took a peek next door at Castle in the Air.

Jason and I in front of the redwoods and a little creek in the background.

Front window of  Castle in the Air is always fun and seasonal..

Another fun window on Fourth St.

A quick look inside the Berkeley Anthropologie...

And just had to take a photo of these fun applique pants on a nice girl at the Berkeley Bowl, my son's favorite market.

And some beautiful flowers in his neighborhood..not sure of the name of these, but loved them!

I think I spoke to soon about getting the hang of the Mac! I am having a difficult time getting things to work smoothly for me. Tried blogging several times this week and had to give up. But for some reason it is now working and for that I am grateful!


Marie said...

Hi Mary,

Love that window on 4th street!

Also, those pants were fun...they look like something that would be made in India. Sort of look like a madras?

So much fun to see the family and all of your adventures : )

jone hallmark said...

I feel like I just had a quick visit to Berkeley and wanted to thank you for your great photos!

What I would do for a stop at "the Yak" right now....


Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Mary a trip to Castle in the air is always more important than food!

art spirit said...

Thanks everyone for your comments!

Marie-yes, I think the pants were from India, looked like hand dyed
cotton. Very colorful and fun!

Jone- had to just settle for a look in the window of Tale of the Yak...saved me some $$$.

Julie- I agree...although Bette's has a great breakfast menu!

mummybear said...

Wow, that shop looks amazing!

dulcy said...

Mary, I love it when you share bits and pieces of your travels. Oh...... Those pants are wonderful! All these photos are fun and inspiring.