Thursday, August 18, 2011

Magic feather

I embroidered a little feather for Jude Hill's Magic Feather project and sent it off this week. I used some of Glennis' hand dyed indigo linen for the background. It was a nice weight and texture for some hand stitching. I almost didn't send it because it looked a bit funky when I finished it...but off it went anyway!
This is my first attempt at blogging with my new Mac Pro that my son picked out for me. I am trying to ease into it and get used to the different devices and iphoto.  I still need some lessons....I have photos of our trip to Berkeley that I wanted to share but when I went back to upload there were only numbers and no images. I'll be back when I get a few more lessons!


Marie said...

Hi Mary,

For some reason my blog is not showing your new post, I saw the beautiful feather at another site.
I <3 my mac, a gift from my eldest son : )

art spirit said...

Thanks, Marie! The internet and computers are still quite mysterious to me at much to learn!

Cynthia Eloise said...

i like the feather. funkie is good. good luck with your mac.