Friday, August 05, 2011

Santa Barbara Arts

Completed the hooked kitty the other day. Haven't made one for a while so it was fun. I have another one drawn up and ready to hook. Hoping to have plenty of things to sell for Fall and Winter shows.

Local artist Syd McCutcheon is the featured artist at Santa Barbara Arts, a gallery owned by one of my neighbors. I drove down the mountain for a visit and had a great time seeing the show and meeting up with artists and friends from long ago.

Some of Syd's paintings inside the gallery. Loved her new work, many sold already.

Syd sitting with Ben Franklin and sombrero. It's Fiesta time in Santa Barbara and we have over 100,000 visitors for the 5 day celebration-parades, music, lots of food and crafts. Sometimes a bit overwhelming for the locals.

Pam Garrison made a surprise visit with her sweet and patient daughter and we headed off for some good Mexican food after the gallery opening. Pam always manages to make us laugh lke no one else, and keep us informed on all the great art workshops available. A fun evening for all!

And here is Maddie, the little mermaid on our beach day this week. She braved our 64 degree water with us and floated on the boogie board while pelicans flew over our heads.
 Enjoying summer...except for my cleaning and sorting extravaganza, which I need to get back to!


grace said...

Hi Mary! Thanks for sharing Syd's work-they are lovely! And the Kitty is soo great! Hugs!

art spirit said...

Thanks, Grace! Happy Birthday!!!
xo Have a wonderful day!

K. Crane: Big Fat Art Cloth said...

super cute kitty :)

art spirit said...

Thanks, Grace and K.! One more cat today!