Monday, May 14, 2007

Felted sweater flower

My son Justin had to make an imaginary flower for his science class and needed a little help last what is a fiber mom to do? I pulled out the boxes of wooly felted sweaters that I've been collecting and said, "what color?"...He wanted here is what he created with a little help from mom. He drew a design and sewed up the petals. I kind of put them together into a flower shape. He made the stamens out of some red handmade paper in my art paper pile and glued them into the center with my felt glue. Then we made a stem with green fabric and put florist wire inside and sewed a sort of puffy base to cover up the gathered petals....not bad for Sunday night homework! And I've been wanting to experiment with felted flowers anyway...
now if this was my flower, I'd be getting out the embroidery thread and beads!

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Dana said...

absolutely precious!