Sunday, May 20, 2007

Path to my Art Studio

a few years back I got into making these mosaic garden squares for a school project for my son's school auction. Then I thought, why not make these for the path to my little art studio? So, square by square I made these from broken pottery, plates, tiles, marbles, whatever...and then assembled them into a path. One square I made from heart shaped beach rocks. Filled in the edges with little shapes from the craft store.... Now, behind the art studio is a stack of thrift store plates....waiting for me to get interested again....maybe this summer?


Slynne said...

How lovely! What an awesome idea.

Tatterededge said...

Reminds me alot of Gaudi. There's a park in Barcelona and when I lived there I went. He did alot of this type of work-huge pieces. It was very impressive.

Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

Mary... your path is GORGEOUS... I am inspired!!!

susan said...

ohhh i have wanted to do this for ages! did you just use mortar? lovely! i think we would be partners in crime if we lived closer to each other... i love to start new projects right at the edge of my knowledge!
so, we got the beeeeautiful flying hearts. LOVE them. put a few in the shop. more to come!