Friday, May 25, 2007

Paul Klee rocks!

This is one of my favorite Paul Klee pieces. Found this picture in a book on children's art and nature and reminded me of how much I LOVE his art. His work is mysterious, playful, secretive, and well, just plain, wonderful! When I was in high school and had to pick an artist to do a report on for my art history class, I picked Paul Klee. I had seen some of his work in the Pasadena Art Museum and that was it! My report was a huge collage book on his life illustrated with his work and combined with collage work that I created... each page was about 24" X 36". It disappeared somehow in all the moves that I've made, but when ever I see some of Klee's art I feel like I've entered a magical world of line and color and music. Jude's work with fabric reminds me of his wonderful intuitive color sense.

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jude said...

hey, i have been off line for a few days, thank you so much!, i couldn't imagine a bigger compliment!