Saturday, May 05, 2007

Pineapple for Breakfast!

Got to work on my pineapple last night so we could have it for breakfast this morning...and it was Delicious!!! Still a little to finish up tonight after work at the Hardware store. Next to the pineapple I started another Owl. I had some hooked items accepted into the new "Somerset Home" issue coming out in August and now I need to write up the techniques and all that jazz...the hard part for me.....but needs to be done by May 7, so I better get to it. And tomorrow we will go to Los Angeles for a visit with Dennis' mother, who is a Grandmother to at least 37! I think she is also a great, great grandmother...84 years old and has always been generous and funny and good to me. She always embarasses my boys by asking if they have "girl friends" yet. I hope to get in an IKEA visit or Folk Tree (not likely) and Jason has to get fitted for a TUX for a Prom he is going to with his new girl friend from the Cruise, Katie....who lives in Illinois!!! All of a sudden he is interested in working at the Store so he can pay for his air fare....LOVE motivates....!!!


Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

CONGRATS on the Somerset HOME acceptance!!! I am going to be in the next special publication TOO!!!!



jude said...

i love these, how do you do this?

art spirit said...

jude, these are rug hooked using a design drawn onto burlap or monk's cloth and hooked with little wool strips...making little loops. it is easy and to have someone show you how, but you can teach yourself as well. I like to use recycled wool from the thrift store and hand dyed wool from Magic Carpet dyes...good colors.
All supplies can be found online... you need a rug hook, burlap, a frame or quilting hoop, and good scissors or a cloth can also buy patterns but if you can draw I say do your own designs..more fun that way!

jude said...

hey, tks, i love to draw and just have to try it! you are inspiring me all the time!