Monday, May 07, 2007

Monday news...

Almost didn't take my morning beach walk, but SO Glad I did! What an incredible day...84 degrees, water glistening, kayakers out exploring, low tide with rocks to take home...put my feet in the water.....cold! 54- but refreshing, especially after a day in LA. Had a good visit with the Grandma and Ikea was fun, but very busy on a Sunday. I did manage to get some new dining room chairs and storage boxes, but the boys ended up getting most of the stuff for their rooms-new floor lamp, pillows, a palm for Jason, and new cool mesh waste baskets.

Hooked and finished up my "pineapple" and the owl is almost done. Am finding lots of good wool sweaters and skirts to felt and hook or sew with.....this seems to be the best time of year to find wool at the Thrift favorite store in the Magnolia Center has a whole rack of things for only 5 cents!

Flowers above are at Goleta Beach... and our cat, Tiger just for fun!


Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

Happy Belated Monday to you Mz. Mary!!!


katie said...

i wish i could take a morning walk with you on the beach, sounds divine!
and although i don't felt sweaters, you talking about it just gets me all excited and i want to go find me some and learn how. 5 cent racks....OMG!!!