Friday, May 04, 2007

Happiness in the Mailbox!

This is me smiling when I opened my wonderful package from Gail (runnergurl)! I love getting goodies in the mail...and couldn't resist ordering this hand spun and hand dyed wool from Gail's Etsy store. My plans are to knit (someday) and felt a large purse. Right now I am having fun gathering the yarn .... I also have another skein of Gail's wool that is two tones of pink!

Sweet Gail also tucked in some extra goodies for me...see the cowboy hiding in the hair? and the nose is a mini-skein that she added too! WOW! Thank you Gail! Love my new yarns!!!!


Syd and Earl "Cueball" McCutcheon said...

WOW...when you do more multi colored worsted let me know, runner girl. and bumpier the better...I love those spring colors. Mary will do something amazing with them I know! Syd

Runner Gurl said...

Thanks, Syd. When I see your name now I start humming "Lemon tree, very pretty...."

That IS a Peter, Paul and Mary song, right???

Mary... You can be the MARY in our karaoke concert at AFF.

Syd... do you want to be Peter or Paul?

Just trying to clarify because I need to start practicing my part.
; )