Sunday, June 24, 2007

and what did I do on saturday???

My first Saturday off in a few years! Did I go to the Solstice Parade? Nope. I stayed home and made stuff! The boys didn't want to go to the Parade and they were expecting 100,000 people so I thought I'll just stay home where it's quiet and take the day off. So I had fun making some more fiber charms and finishing up these little houses for Syd and I even got the birds made for my Art From Scrap piece. They are all made from recycled linens and fabric from textile sample books that I picked up there. Now to figure out how to attach them to the wooden piece so they can hang on the wall.

And today I head off to Los Angeles once best friend from childhood, Laura, is having a birthday party for her mother who is turning 90 this week. I think we met at Sunday school and then we were in the same classes all through elementary school. We looked so much alike that people thought we were twins! Our birthdays are 20 days apart in February and our mothers were born in the same year. We spent many hours playing dolls, doing cartwheels, and generally just having fun and spending the night at each others' homes. Her mother was always kind and generous and fun to be around. She made all of her daughters school clothes and even made matching doll dresses. I still have one for my 8" Madame Alexander doll and I am going to bring it along to show her. It has tiny hearts on it and red rick rack. She was also really sweet to me when my mother died and had me over for dinner and made sure to take a picture of me in my Prom dress..( I think I later threw it away because I thought I looked stupid..)..Oh well...we will celebrate at a Mexican Restaurant for lunch and I will get to see the rest of the family that I haven't seen in years. If time I hope to visit a store called Zinnia in South Pasadena that is supposed to have lots of cool stuff.

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jude said...

i really love the rustic quality and the materials used for the birds.