Monday, June 25, 2007

Zinnia and Buster's

fun shirt in the window of Zinnia!

Before heading home to Santa Barbara I decided to cruise through my old home town of South Pasadena. Drove by our old house, which looked pretty good except it is now painted yellow, and it is a little too bright for my taste. My old elementary school looked pretty good and all the same houses were still there with their big old front porches and the jacaranda trees were in bloom...still one of my favorite colors...those blossoms...

Then on to the little downtown where I finally located a cute shop called Zinnia...but, alas, it was only open on Sunday from 12 to 3pm and it was closed...I got a peek in the windows and it looks like a great place...big long tables for art classes and lots of fun little things in jars. will have to go sometime when it is open and have a look around. Then i browsed in some antique shops and saw a lively spot called Buster's and got a ice blended vanilla mocha latte to get me home. I got home before dark and Dennis had the bar-b-que going for dinner. Had a great day, but nice to be home too.

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Mary lin said...

Thanks for sharing the pix. The shirt is too cool!