Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Doorway and something new...

finished the "doorway" and got it sent off are a few photos and close-ups.
it is 8 1/2" X 11"
And a sneak peek at another project that is almost completed and needs to be sent off.

Syd and I went to "Art From Scrap" yesterday and I signed up to do an assemblage due Aug. 6 for a show there. You pick one piece to work from and get 5 additional things from the barrels at art from scrap and can use anything from home to create your work of ART. I immediately had an idea to do some linen birds sitting on my piece of wooden scrap...I don't know what it is that I picked out or what it was from...but all the things we had to choose from were parts of a musicial instrument.
We also went to Imagine and Syd dropped off some of her wonderful mermaids, scissors maidens, and felty tree pin cushions....lunch at CPK....errands and home to make more stuff!

For now, I need to do a Heart themed page (or 34 pages) for a fat book for A &S... make more fiber charms...I keep raiding my already made ones to play with....and make lots of stuff to sell at AFF. Next week, I need to take my son to Driver's Ed. classes at 8:30 am ....darn...I was just getting used to sleeping in!

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Dana said...

That is just stunning. I will take photos of doorways while in Italy. I have some from my last trip. Beautiful.