Thursday, June 14, 2007

Penny's Playhouse..

houses by Penny..
Penny,Pepa,Susan,Colleen, Susan.....

Marge Dunlap sculpture

We had a fun and delicous day celebrating Penny's birthday. She made us all our own little house to take home...each one especially for us...we had to guess which one was ours...I got the one with kitties on it...because we both love our cats! Penny has made a bunch of paper and canvas houses, all in different sizes and they make up a wonderful little village.
Syd made us each a tiny felted cupcake, too...all different colors!

After a yummy lunch and chocolate cupcakes Penny opened her gifts...lots of cool things, many hand made and many with P.'s favorite colors of red, white and black. I just had to show a few more photos of the cool collections found at P.'s Playhouse....

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