Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cupcakes, hearts,acorns, and a kitty...

Here are just some of the cupcake pin cushions I put together out of my collection of recycled wool felted sweaters. My friend, Syd and I had made some fiber cupcakes for our birthday party a few years ago, but when I saw the ones that Betz White made I got really inspired and cooked these up and had fun with the embellishing.
Some of the winged heart pins that I'm working on for the next show. Some have a tin heart and some have a fabric heart.
I also made over 100 fiber acorns! These have a real acorn cap but the bottom part is made from various fabrics, mostly velvet. Last year I put about 6 in a cellophane bag tied with a nice ribbon and sold them all.
The hooked kitty is finally completed. All stuffed and ready to go, I took him to the rug hooking meeting and Carol decided that she needed him, so he now has a nice new home in Carpinteria.


ShabbySheep said...

Mary, I LOVE your newest creations. I think my favorites are the acorns. Love them out of velvet!

Pat said...

Those cupcakes look absolutely scrumptious!