Thursday, October 08, 2009

New crow, visit to Whole Foods Market, and kitties

Finished hooking this crow the other night and now I just need to make him some legs to stand on.
I just had to take a look at the new Whole Foods Market that just opened up here in Santa Barbara. It really is a beautiful store and it was hopping with shoppers and people just checking out our newest natural foods store. Lots of local organic fruit and produce plus a nice deli and bakery. They even have Clover milk which is from Northern California and rated one of the best in the country. I took a few photos to show you some of the fresh goodies available.

The cupcakes had cute flowers on top!
And here is the weekly cat photo...the kitties were sleeping with their arms around each other!

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WoolenSails said...

Love your crow, really nice hooking and look to it.
I keep saying I am going to make shapes someday.