Friday, October 23, 2009

A few more things and dinner at the Palace...

One more pumpkin hooked up for the next show and the little owl pins are almost finished up. Must give credit to Betsey and Suzanne of Bellingham, WA for the idea...they made some wonderful owl tags for ARtfest 08 that I still treasure.

And then last night we had our now monthly family dinner out with the boys. Jason chose "The Palace" on Cota St. and it was great! Cajun food of all sorts, starting with hot tiny muffins in four varieties, cajun popcorn-battered crayfish appetizers and after the main courses we had the house special dessert- Louisiana chocolate bread pudding with whiskey creme sauce. Since we hadn't been to the restaurant in 20 years (before kids) they "Welcomed us Back"....which was nice....we'll be back much sooner this time.

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mimi k said...

those owl pins are adorable!