Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween You All!

Four little black wool kitties wish you a Happy and safe Halloween!
I made the fabric owl in the back row but the rest are my small collection of Halloween goodies.
Now that the boys are older and no costumes are being made, it's a bit calmer around here. But in years past I think Halloween was one of their favorite holidays and they had me making costumes up until the last minute...skeletons, power rangers, grim reapers, etc. I love seeing the neighborhook kids in their costumes trick or treating. We don't get very many up here in our mountain top community, just a few groups but it's still fun.
Driving down our winding mountain top road you will come across this witch hanging from a forest tree and her two companions below. Our 80 year old neighbor has put up decorations for Halloween for 20 years and they are still fun to look for. There is a giant black spider that also appears on Halloween by our creek and the Painted Cave hanging from a tree above the road. It is always gone the next day and we have no idea who puts it up....

By the way, if you are interested in the Yarn tagging, there is a good book on Amazon that I just ordered called "Yarn Bombing"...check it out! I think it is about mostly European sites, but full of fun ideas.

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