Friday, October 30, 2009

New Owl, cupcakes, heart, pins and Yarn Tag!

Here's the newest owl that I've hooked up for the show next week. Tonight I will sew him up and stuff him and start another hooking project.

More cupcake photos....I made 20 of them in many different flavors.
New heart with birdie hooked up this week.
And below some heart pins....
And now for something NEW! Have you ever heard of YARN TAG? Well, my art friend Jeanette introduced me to it and we are having fun tagging trees and poles with fun wool tags around our city. We give each other clues as to where they are and then see if we can find them.
Below are some that I've done and the last one is Jeanette's latest! I just love how she used the buttons to put it on the tree!
Jeanette even created a blog called to keep track of our activities. Go check it out!
And start Yarn tagging, if you are brave enough!

This one has a pocket on it!
Jeanette's lastest one in the Magnolia center....


dulcy said...

I love the cupcakes....and the yarn tags are so fun! Using clues to find them is just the best idea! When you find them to you take them, or leave them there for someone else to find?

Happy Halloween!

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

I've been thinking of yarn tagging myself, and noticed the new book that's out. Very cool stuff.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Mary ~ you have to be one of the most consistently artistic people I know!! You work at your art daily ~ I love that ~ I wish I would! Those cupcakes are so creative ~ everything ~ I just love it all!!!!!