Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving! I am grateful for family and friends, having my boys here together, good health, a home, art to do, nature all around, and sharing my art and adventures with YOU. I always appreciate your comments and visits and hope you all have a great weekend.
I am still setting the table for our family meal later today. I got out my favorite plates from Nathalie Lete that I bought one at a time from Anthropologie for special occasions. I had to get 2 See's turkeys for the boys and invite all the woodland animals too. I made two pies yesterday and got most of the green bean casserole done so we will have time for our annual Thanksgiving hike with the boys.
And that's after driving 6 hours up to Berkeley on Monday to pick up Jason and back on Tuesday.
The fun part was finding the Ethnic Arts store after 19 years and a quick visit to Fourth St.
Will post some more photos soon because I'd better get cooking soon!
Much love to you and yours!

I did get the owls finished for the Queen of Arts REvisited show this Saturday at Syd McCutcheon's home in Ballard.
1860 Cottonwood, Ballard...10 to 4  Hope you can come...40 artists and lots of fun new things!

Rabbit got completed as well and I left in the greenish gray wool.

Still working on mr. cat, almost done!

And the dogs and cats are piling up, getting ready for the next shows.

A little sneak preview of the Ethnic Arts store with their great collection of David Marsh furniture. I have my eye on a dining room table. They are having a sale on Dec. 10...can I make it? We shall see....


Marie said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too Mary <3
The shop you showed reminds me sooo much of two of my favorite shops in Texas. One of which is called Surroundings (in Houston). That is the first place I saw David Marsh furniture and fell in love with it. Hope you

get that table!
Love all your crafty goodness and wish you much success at the show (s).

Hazel Terry said...

Happy Thanks Giving to you Mary, I hope you had a wonderful time X