Friday, November 18, 2011

Stuffed Mushrooms

I finally got 30 fabric mushrooms finished and sent off today for the Christmas tree at "Muse" in St. Helena, Ca. Near the end of my sewing marathon I had fun mismatching tops and bottoms.

The funny thing is that I didn't have to buy any new fabric for this project. My bin of polka dots was more than enough to provide lots of tops and solids and stripes are also plentiful around here.

Henry helped with the photos outside as usual.


Pixie said...

Ohhhhh stuffed mushrooms how fantastic....i love em, all the lovely colours and what a great idea as christmas now have me thinking about the stash of unused fabric that i have knocking about the place.............hmmmmm.

Pixie xx

art spirit said...

Thanks, Pixie!
Hope you make some and post them for us!

Marie said...

Mary do you sew the mushroom stems to the bottom or glue them?

Love'em too!

art spirit said...

Hi Marie...I sew them...after poking them into the top part a bit. For ornaments I put a little string or yarn on top before sewing on the stem.

iHanna said...

A basket full of cuteness, wow. Love that you always make such pretty things and plenty of them too. The stripe combined with the dots are perfect!