Friday, November 11, 2011

owl and rabbit

A colorful new owl I hooked up this week for the next Queen of Arts Show Revisited at Syd's house in Ballard on Nov. 26.  This was fun to do- hooking up a "hit or miss" from all the stray wool strips in my ever growing basket of "worms".

And a new rabbit that I finished up. I really need some better lighting! Notice the greenish strips!
I usually do my rug hooking at night and I thought these were grey. I kind of like it like this but will probably take them out and re-hook in grey. I didn't even notice this until I took it outside for a photo!

And these are some little felt heart necklaces that I made and didn't have time to price for the last show.
The necklace is a 2-3 strand cotton yarn crocheted  piece.

The kitties are sleeping while I sew and get ready for the next two to three shows I have lined up.


Pixie said...

Such lovely things as always, the owl i love and the birdie looks great too, even with the greeny bits, adds a new dimension.
And i am completely in love with the necklaces so colourful and cheery.
Pixie x

T's Daily Treasures said...

I just love that colorful owl! And your bunny is sweet too -- even with the green strips. It adds character. Great necklaces, too. And those kitties -- precious! Wishing you all the best, Tammy

susan m hinckley said...

Love your work -- so glad a friend steered me here! And the green strips must stay, if only because you thought they were gray. That could definitely have happened to me (and probably has).

Alicia Bullinger Kay said...

Mary, I too like your new rabbit. The green looks great and makes me think he is sitting in the grass and reflecting the color off his coat. Amazing how all of your critters are just a little different.

Anonymous said...

Mary - just love seeing all your creations. Would be such fun to be able to see them all in person. Still waiting to hear that you are writing a book filled with photos and how-to's......a BIG ol' hint ...... smile! sandi in texas

Anonymous said...

Mary.....these are so outstanding. When I typed in your web address this morning, it was so fun to see the pink kitty's face staring at me first thing when the page loaded! LUV all these cute litte folks.
Carol in Az