Sunday, November 27, 2011

Queen of Arts Revisited

Had a wonderful day over in Ballard, CA at Syd McCutcheon's country cottage Art Show and Sale.
I managed to make some more owls and a few new hooked items and had a really good show.

My outdoor display at the beginning of the show. We had incredible weather, 79F and bright blue skies.

One of my best customers, Kelley took home Mr. Cat.

I sold  few of the wool applique scarves that I had hanging behind my display.

Things seem to be calming down a bit today. Jason is back on his way to Berkeley and Dennis is working on our breakfast nook. I have another show to do on Friday, Sat. and Sun. in Santa Barbara so can't relax quite yet.


Marie said...

Hi Mary,

I love that suitcase filled with adorable owls, etc.
Hoping your weekend was filled with much success!
: )

art spirit said...

thanks, Marie! One more weekend to go!

Lorraine Young Pottery said...

What amazing work!! Kelley has great taste I love that cat! I like the owl too that is located next to the large grey cat. :-}


Tamara @ Collage Ideas said...

I am glad you found a good home for Mr. Cat. She looks like she will be a great owner for him. I like the two black cats that are overlooking the owls in the first picture. Like little guardians.