Wednesday, November 02, 2011

New cats, dogs, and more...

I had fun with these black cats. I used a thick zippered sweater jacket from the thrift store for the bodies.
This wool also makes a great backing for some of the hooked items I make.
It's "crunch" time around here. The Queen of Arts Show starts this Friday at 4pm and I am busily finishing up all the projects that I've been working on for the last few months.

This is a funny little linen birdie with "real" holds an acorn from our yard.

Thought I'd better make some dogs too! This nice chenille worked out well.

When I found this lovely brown cashmere sweater it said "dogs" to me, so I came up with a couple of weiner dogs just for fun.

The foxes now have all their heads sewn on, but here is how the floor looked the other day as I had to match heads and bodies. All different sizes because I don't use a pattern...just wing it on the sewing machine....well, I did draw the heads before sewing.  Last night I gave them all a polar fleece scarf to wear. I think I made at least 20! Hopefully enough for the 3 or 4 upcoming shows I've signed up for!

Had to work at our store on Halloween on Monday so I brought some masks just for fun.
Dennis, me and Larry in the showroom.  Back to work...have to price everything and still have some little heart and acorn necklaces I want to get together.


Yael said...

Dear Mary, ALL your stuff always excites me so much! You are the most creative person I know - I mean it!!!
Those cats are sooooooooooooo lovely! And you are permanent recycling! How good!!
I wish you a wonderful day and a good weekend! Hugs, Yael.

Marie said...

Those fox are so clever. Adorable! Love the mask.
: )

art spirit said...

Thanks, Yael and Marie! You both inspire me with me your wonderful creations!