Sunday, March 16, 2008

Busy week!

Elena and friends sing acappella in the beautiful outdoors.
New Fiberarts issue....
My little fiber post card...on right, in the middle~
Chris' wonderful basket....
My pals, Pia and Chris....

Things got busy at the end of the week. My friends that I've known for over 30 years invited me to come to their daughter Elena's, acappella group performance in their garden over in Paradise! That's where they live...about 20 minutes away from where I am and next to the Santa Ynez River. I brought my friend Pia who is a wonderful fiber artist and always makes me laugh...we both have 2 boys, four years apart and although her boys are a bit older, she always has funny stories to share. She also gave me the coolest crocheted pot holders for a late birthday present..(will post later..)
Anyway, Elena goes to college on the East coast in New Jersey and her singing group is on Spring break and is giving performances here on the West coast, much to our delight. The girls formed a semi-circle and sang beautifully, each one giving a solo . They were so Good! I felt so lucky to be able to be a part of such a special day. And Elena's mother, Chris had invited me to her home birth many years ago, so it was great to be there and see her all grown up and beautiful with her friends.
Chris and Michael the proud parents are incredible Fiber Clay artists and sell their work at the ACC Shows, Smithsonian and Philidelphia Craft shows. Chris makes beautiful baskets from naturally collected materials and her work is in many galleries and private collections. Michael, a gifted musician, makes sagger fired clay pieces in his studio and then Chris weaves the top with fibers. They live an artful life and have raised 2 talented and beautiful daughters.
The day after the garden party I received my copy of Fiberarts magazine and there on page 12 is a picture of one of Chris' baskets! She was given the Award of Excellence in Fiber at the Washington Craft show! And...much to my surprise a few pages later (page 31) I found my own little fiber post card in color!!!! I have always wanted to be in Fiberarts magazine so this is very exciting for me! So just a reminder to you all...Send those things IN! You never know and it is so fun to be in a national magazine. My boys said...."Way to go, Mom!" after they heard me hooting from the other room. And the fun thing was that Chris and I got to be in the same issue.
And there are lots of other really neat things in this issue...Charla Khanna's art dolls just make me Swoon! I love her work....her embroidery ...just incredible! Go take a look.
Then on Saturday I helped out at our booth at the Home and Garden Show at the Ventura Fairgrounds. I had to kind of fake it with my limited knowledge of plumbing but I handed out lots of brochures and tried to look like I knew what I was doing. Will drive back down later today to pack up the Jacuzzi, sinks, and fixture displays with my husband...hope to get in a beach walk too.


Dale said...

ooo! congrats on getting your work in the magazine! That is so great for you :).

I have never heard of fiber arts magazine (maybe because i'm canadian?) but it looks really good from the pics. This seems to be something i need to look into :)

Cindibee said...

I never even heard of that magazine before. I shall have to acquire an issue. And try to convince the husband to let me get a subscription, because I can already tell I'll love it.